Meet The Team

Herby D.

A licensed Building Contractor and Johns Hopkins entrepreneurial school graduate, brings a unique blend of competence, confidence, and optimism to his role as a construction manager. Overseeing a team of professionals, he ensures job site safety, budget management, and timely project completion. Herby’s extensive experience includes single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, and subdivisions, making him the ideal leader for any construction project.

Martin M.

With a background in construction, Miller received his Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. An expert in computational design and emerging fabrication, he has taught in the master’s program at Cornell University since 2014. His research includes advanced studios exploring AI, Big Data, fabrication logistics and emerging technologies. Additionally he is the co-founded of Antistatics Architecture in 2015, an award winning practice based in New York and Beijing. The practice has developed several world firsts, including the largest 3d printed steel structure.

BIA Robotics LLC is an Artificial Intelligence Architectural Solutions Company focused on fabrication-derived design. Firm members have international architectural experience, robotic fabrication expertise, home building expertise, and academic institutional backgrounds at Cornell University and John Hopkins University.